Beatgum’s story starts back in the year 2003 in the legendary pop temple Atlantis. Situated in Alkmaar, a city 40 km to the north of Amsterdam, bass player Daan Baars, keyboardist Pelle de Leeuw and Kiwi expat singer Johnny Hollenberg first came together as members of the Atlantis houseband. Here the seeds were sown for what would be a long and varying musical ride together.

Fast forward a couple of years as the threesome form Southern Lights, a band playing iconic 80’s covers such as Maniac, Cold as Ice and 90’s songs the likes of Shiver and Muse’s version of Feeling Good. The band does not exist for very long, but the seeds have rooted.

In 2008, the David Bowie tribute band Run Bowie Run is formed, initiated by drummer Wietse Igesz, and guitarist Gerben van der Veen, a long time collaborator of Daan, is recruited into the ranks. Run Bowie Run play for a good couple of years throughout the country. As extremely satisfyingly as it was playing The Dames music, the will to create their own songs prevailed and, upon Bowie’s death in 2016, Beatgum was formed.

The band start slashing, kneading and experimenting with the material. Gerben has proven to be a gifted songwriter in former bands Zilch and Roscoe, and Pelle is also rapidly developing his songwriting skills. Johnny’s lyrics add the missing link to the songs. After a few changes in the line up Mathijs Ament signed up as the bands drummer.

In 2018 Beatgum contracted producer Emile den Tex, a very experienced producer, musician and songwriter, and with him, they recorded 10 tracks for their debut album, Good to be Here.

Ten popsongs in which the musical craftmanship of the fivesome comes to the fore.
Ten peas in a pod, yet each telling it’s own story both in the music and the narrative.
Influenced by (how could it not be) Bowie, one can also hear traces of The Eels, Zappa, Waits and Steely Dan to name a few. What’s left after playing is the longing for more….

The first single Daily reminder will be out soon and available on LP and CD and on all major streaming platforms

28 sept Taverne, Bergen 21.00  
11 okt Victorie Alkmaar, support for WETT 
9 nov Windkracht 13, Den Helder 
18 jan Alkmaars Eigenste Festival, Alkmaar 

Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run
Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run
Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run Run Bowie Run
pics: Rob Verhagen, Remco Ellens, Arno Rollenberg

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